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May 24, 2015

Getting Lippy with Burt's Bees

one little vice beauty blog: natural, cruelty free lipstick lipgloss and tinted lip balms

Burt's Bees is one of those brands that I grew up seeing everywhere. As a teenager I went through countless tubes of their Beeswax Lip Balm and I always saw friends and family members using other bits and pieces from their extensive range. However, apart from their standard lip balm I hadn't had the opportunity to try out the rest of their range - until now! I was very kindly sent a selection of Burt's Bees lip products - from tinted balms to opaque lip crayons - to test out and today I'll be sharing my thoughts on each of the products.

hydrating natural lip colour: one little vice beauty blog
hydrating natural lip colour: one little vice beauty blog

With this Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm it was pretty much love at first application, and it most certainly exceeded my expectations! Hibiscus is the most beautiful peachy-pink shade in a gorgeous sheer, but not too sheer, formula that glides onto your lips giving them with just the right amount of colour, shine and nourishment. They do make a visible difference to the look of your lips, the colours are subtle but noticeable with just enough shine to leave your lips looking plumper. If you're not really "into" lip products and want something very low maintenance then this is a great choice. However, even as a lip product lover I think that these Tinted Lip Balms merit a place in every woman's handbag as they does so much whilst still being effortless to apply and wear. Plus, they're packed full of great ingredients like Shea Butter, Beeswax, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil so they really do your lips some good, keeping them looking their best all day long. 

semi-sheer red tinted lip balm: one little vice beauty blog
one little vice beauty blog: red semi-sheer tinted lip balm review

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers are more pigmented that the Tinted Lip Balms and they also have a slightly frosty finish and a powerful minty fragrance. The formula is light but still has a creamy texture that feels very hydrating on the lips thanks to Castor Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter and other nourishing ingredients. The finish of these Lip Shimmers isn't my favourite but I do really like the semi-sheer colour that they offer, it means that even this cherry-red shade is very wearable rendering them a great alternative to lipstick. The Lip Shimmers are definitely easier to apply and maintain than lipstick, and the shimmer itself is subtle but still helps to excentuate the appearance of your lips - helping them to appear fuller. All in all, I think that they definitely add something to Burt's Bees lip product range and they're different enough from the Tinted Lip Balms to justify owning both!

super shiny natural cruelty free lip balm: one little vice beauty blog
cruelty free natural lip gloss semi-sheer super shiny: onelittlevice beauty blog

Burt's Bees Lip Shines have the sheerest formulation out of the products I tried; they give just a hint of colour with an icy, glass-like shine. I adore glossy lips, there's something about them that's incredibly glamourous and alluring. However, Burt's Bees Lip Shines are so much better than traditional glosses as they're packed full of good ingredients such as Castor Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter and Cocoa Seed Butter. Not only do these Lip Shines leave your lips looking gorgeous when you apply them but they'll also do them a lot of good in the long-run by keeping them hydrated. I found the Lip Shines incredibly comfortable to wear as they aren't sticky, but this does mean that they need to be reapplied frequently for full-effect. My favourite way to wear Pucker is over the top of Burt's Bees Lip Crayons (which offer a lot of pigmentation and last well on the lips), this combination gives long lasting colour and high-shine which is my preference. But if you love simple makeup that will also leave your lips looking plumped and juicy then these Lip Shines are a great choice. 

opaque natural cruelty free lip gloss: onelittlevice beauty blog
one little vice beauty blog: cruelty free, natural opaque lip gloss

In my opinion, Burt's Bees Lip Glosses apply and wear like liquid lipsticks - offering a lot of pigmentation, long lasting colour and just a touch of shine. These Lip Glosses have a classic doe-foot applicator that makes them very easy to apply evenly and precisely, and the formula isn't sticky or "slippy". Once you apply the lip gloss it seems to slightly melt into your lips - this is probably becuase of the nourishing Sunflower Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Olive Oil - leaving them feeling very hydrated and comfortable. The Lip Gloss will transfer if your eat or drink, but it doesn't seem to bleed  and it didn't end up on my teeth which is something I'm always nervous about with these sorts of products. Overall, I think it's a lovely, comfortable Lip Gloss and the colour pay-off is absolutely fantastic, but if you want something super glossy or sheer then you'd be better off with Burt's Bees Lip Shines.

opaque natural cruelty free lipstick: one little vice beauty blog
one little vice beauty blog: opaque lipstick cruelty free natural review

I think I may have potentially saved the best until last, as these Lip Crayons are pretty darn incredible. I'm always a little bit sceptical about chubby lip crayons but these ones from Burt's Bees are some of the best that I've ever tried. They offer a highly pigmented dose of colour in a comfortable semi-matte - the crayon shape makes the colour easy to apply, and the formula is packed full of noursihing oils (Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Kendi Oil) to keep your lips feeling and looking smooth and hydrated. It's a winning formula and the shade range is really gorgeous too! Napa Vineyard is a deep berry, verging on red, that makes a striking statement alone, but can also be worn under one of Burt's Bees Lip Shines if you prefer a glossy finish. It's lovely to find great quality makeup that's so easy to apply and so comfortable to wear and I think that they're probably the standout product from the range that I've tried.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with Burt's Bees' lip product range & I think that there's going to be a formula and colour to suit just about everyone. My favourite out of the products I've tried is the Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus (it's just the perfect shade and easy to wear formula) and the Lip Crayon in Napa Vineyard. Have you tried anything from Burt's Bees before?

May 23, 2015

Glo & Ray's #SummerGlo Event

one little vice beauty blog: Glo & Ray Beauty brand event
one little vice beauty blog: glo and ray summerglo event london

Glo & Ray is a relativey new beauty brand whose high quality make-up range has slowly but surely left me enchanted. I've had the opportunity to try quite a few of Glo & Ray's beauty products, and I'm always left wanting more! Last week, Glo & Ray hosted a little get together in London to celebrate the relase of some new products. They brought together a handful of beauty bloggers to witness their range being used to create a variety of different make-up looks - all inspired by popular trends.

one little vice beauty blog: glo & ray makeup range display
one little vice beauty blog: glo & ray makeup
one little vice beauty blog: glo&ray cc cream foundation and powder

At the moment Glo & Ray's makeup range is only available online (link here). Although online shopping is really convenient, sometimes it's nice to get to know a brand and their shade range in person. So it was a real treat to be able to see all of Glo & Ray's products in person. I was really impressed with the look and feel of the Nebulae Foundation, and as per ususal I was left entranced by the brand's gorgeous range of lipsticks!

one litle vice beauty blog: canapes at beauty blog event glo & ray
one little vice beauty blog: canapés at SummerGlo event
one little vice beauty blog: blogger event glo & ray

Whilst indulging in some seriously delicious canapés, I had the chance to chat with the lovely Kinga from Rock This Runway as well as Karis from Beauty by Karis. It's always nice meeting fellow bloggers and it was particularly nice to meet some fellow fans of Glo & Ray! I can tell you now, I got some great product recommendations. 

one little vice beauty blog: Glo & Ray SummerGlo Event
one little vice beauty blog: watching makeup artist at glo and ray's summerglo
one little vice beauty blog: beauty bloggers at SummerGlo event
one little vice beauty blog: glo & ray soft peachy summer makeup

Once we'd had the opportunity to chat and take some photos the wonderful make-up artist, Bella, started to demonstrate different makeup looks featuring Glo & Ray's makeup. The model for the evening was Focus PR's intern Charlotte - who I think was absolutely perfect for the job! She looked wonderful in every look, but I particularly liked how she looked wearing Glo & Ray's Mariposa Quartet Eyeshadow in Violet Emotion.

one little vice beauty blog: glo & ray makeup
one little vice beauty blog: SummerGlo event in london

Once we'd seen the professional in action we then had the chance to use Glo & Ray's make-up for ourselves to recreate one of the make-up looks that we'd be shown. I must admit, I wasn't as disciplined as I should have been and I may have spent a bit too much time trying to take pretty photos of the makeup. However, I think Kinga, Karis and I did an okay job trying to recreate the soft, peachy summer look featuring one of Glo & Ray's new lipsticks in the shade Coral Whisper.

All in all I had a wonderful evening! I owe Glo & Ray and Focus PR a big thank-you for inviting me along. And if you'd like to see more of Glo & Ray's makeup in action then keep your eyes peeled for a couple of upcoming blogposts where I put the products I was very kindly gifted in my goodybag to use. Spoiler alert - things may get a little bit colourful!

May 22, 2015

Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer Review

one little vice beauty blog: Vegan Organic Cruelty Free Illuminating Product
one little vice beauty blog: vegan cruelty free organic highlighter primer

Nourish Skincare's Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer has been on my lust-list for a really long time. If you don't already know about Nourish then let me give you a quick low-down. Nourish is a cruelty-free and ethically sourced brand, with organic (certified by The Soil Association) and vegan (accredited by The Vegan Society) products that rely on the highest quality natural actives in order to offer seriously effective skincare.

Nourish's Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer* is 86% organic, containing golden mineral powders which give it an immediate glow. As well as radiance enhancing tonka bean extract to emit visible light, leaving skin looking more even and radiant. And you really don't have to take my word for it - I've included some before and after pictures of me wearing the Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer. In these images you can see quite clearly see how the Face Shimmer evens my skintone and adds an incredible luminescence - instantly!

one little vice beauty blog: nourish face shimmer before
one little vice beauty blog: certified vegan and organic illuminating highlighting primer
one little vice beauty blog: certified organic and vegan illuminating face primer

Nourish's Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer is an incredible makeup-skincare cross over. It's thin and light consistency (similar in texture to Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer) make it a wonderful base for makeup, but it's also packed full of Vitamin C and E, which help support your skin's natural protein structures as well as aiding your skin's ability to retain moisture. It feels wonderful on your skin and really helps my makeup look it's best - both at first application and throughout the day. 

I personally find it a bit too glow-y to use alone without makeup, but you can be more sparing in your application (I tend to go all-out) and you can also apply it topically as a golden highlighter. However, when used as a primer, I've never found anything that gives me such a noticeable - but still natural looking - "lit from within" glow. If you struggle with uneven skin-tone, dullness or are just looking for something to leave you looking glowing then I'd definitely recommend it!

You can find Nourish's Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer* on Nourish's website or on FeelUnique for £16.00.

May 21, 2015

Everyday Essentials from RMS Beauty

one little vice beauty blog: natural cream highlighter and bronzer
one little vice beauty blog: natural cream highlighter and bronzer

I've been using these two products from RMS Beauty - their Living Luminizer and Buriti Bronzer - for roughly six months and they've become essentials in my everyday makeup routine. I absolutely love cream products, and RMS Beauty's cream products are really high quality, offering such a beautiful finish on the skin that they're made a lot of my other beauty products redundant! 

The first time I heard about the Living Luminizer was on natural beauty blogs where the overall consensus seemed to be that I needed to try it. Since then, I've spotted it in EssieButton's YouTube vidoes which hopefully means that the product will be getting even more attention! Unlike other cream highlighters - like Topshop's Glow or Benefit's Highbeam - the Living Luminizer has quite a hard consistency. It's made up of skin loving ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil and at room temperature the product is solid. As you run your finger across the surface of the Living Luminizer a light amount of product transfers onto your finger, just enough to easily apply to the high points of your face. Although the Living Luminizer has a very light, almost sheer, consistency it offers an incredible lit-from-within glow that's particularly beautiful in sunlight. I really like using it on an everyday basis because you can apply and blend the product with your fingers (which makes it quick and easy to use) and although it's definitely noticeable it's quite hard to over-do it so you won't ever look too shiny! I do occasionally alternate using this with Benefit's Highbeam - which I reach for when I want a more noticeable highlight - but this is my most reached for highlighter and it's become a firm favourite very quickly.

RMS Beauty's Buriti Bronzer was more of an instant hit with me - which merited it's own blog post with swatches (link here). I initially hoped that ti would work as a contouring product, but it's definitely too warm to work on my skin tone as anything other than a bronzer. However, it really is the most beautiful bronzer that I could have hoped for! It's creamier in consistency than the Living Luminizer which means that you can transfer more product and colour onto your skin in one go, but it still benefits from a light consistency that makes it hard over-apply the product and effortlessly easy to blend it out into a natural looking finish. I like to apply the Buriti Bronzer across my temples and just beneath my cheekbones, blending the product upwards into more of a face-sculpting bronze glow. I find that both of RMS Beauty's products last well on my skin given that they're essentially just a combination of loads of wonderful oils and butters, and if you add a light dusting of powder you can prolong their wear time a bit further. As with the Living Luminzer, I'm incredibly happy with the Buriti Bronzer and would repurchase it in a heartbeat. I've actually worked my way through a lot of the product and I'm hoping to "hit pan" on in soon - quite an achievement when you have as much makeup as I do, and it would really demonstrate how much I like using the product. 

RMS Beauty suggest that both of these products have a six month shelf life. I've been using them both daily for six months and haven't come too close to finishing them yet. I'm going to keep on using them until I think it's too unhygienic but I'm definitely hoping to get a few more months out of these as I'd like to use them through the summer before repurchasing them again. If you haven't already tried any of RMS Beauty's makeup then I really would highly recommend giving something a try. I've heard really good things about their Lip 2 Cheeks (multi-purpose cream products) as well as their Lip Shines (tinted lip colours), and I've got one of each on my wishlist! 

Have you tried anything from RMS Beauty before? 
What highlighters or bronzers do you like using?

May 20, 2015

Sukin Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum

One Little Vice beauty blog: natural cruelty free green facial serum for soft nourished skin

Sukin is an Australian beauty brand sold across ten countries, offering natural, and recognised vegan, skincare that's free from harsh chemicals, such as SLS, parabens and mineral oils. Instead, Sukin's products contain powerful and effective ingredients such as botanicals and essential oils, bringing you skincare that really works for your skin. Something else that I really appreciate about the brand is that Sukin is a 100% carbon neutral company, and all their packaging is environmentally friendly. I met with some of the brand's representatives at the Natural and Organic Products Show, where they were launching their new Super Greens range, and they very kindly gave me Sukin's Facial Recovery Serum to try out for myself.

Sukin's brand new Super Greens range - which consists of a moisturiser, serum, exfoliater and face mask - contains detoxyifying green actives such as Kale, Spirulina, Parsley and Chlorella, which contain antioxidants and vitamins to help restore a healthy glow. Sukin's Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum also contains Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E which helps to lock in moisture for a dewy complexion. The serum has a very light, milky consistency that absobs into your skin incredibly quickly, making it perfect for use in either the morning or evening. It's so much lighter and fresher on the skin than the facial oils that I'm accustomed to using, but it still leaves my skin feeling hydrated, nourished and soft. It hasn't been a revolutionary addition to my skincare routine but I do think it's a very nice, gentle and light product that's comfortable to use and does help my skin to look and feel better. I don't think that it will necessarily offer enough hydration for very dry or mature skin, but for most other skin-types I think it would be a nice addition to your routine that will help to leave your skin looking plumper, fresher and more glowing.

The Facial Recover Serum was a lovely first introduction to Sukin's wonderful natural skincare range and it's left me keen to explore more from the brand. Have you tried anything from Sukin before? Do you use serums?

May 19, 2015

Super Simple Hair Styling Must Haves

one little vice beauty blog: essential everyday hair styling products

I'm not exactly lazy when it comes to doing my hair, but I definitely like simple, easy and quick styling routines. When it comes to styling products, I want to use things that are going to make the maximum difference with the minimum effort. Today's product pair work together really well, and between them they give me everything I want and need.

Noah Volumizing Spray*

Noah is a natural and cruelty-free haircare range that doesn't contain silicons, paraffin, parabens, mineral oils or SLS. I've been really impressed with one of their shampoos and conditioners that I've been trying out, and this Volumizing Spray is the other product from their range that I've been trialling. It's a very light-feeling, liquid spray that contains essential oils of Lavendar and Nettle. When your hair is damp you spray it into your roots before blow-drying. The final result is really wonderfully volumised hair, and I find that my hair stays looking plumped and lifted. I haven't had any problems with this spray weighing down my hair or making it look greasy, it's so easy to add into my routine and the results are very noticeable. I have quite fine hair that can fall quite flat, so volumizing sprays like these just add a little bit of life to otherwise boring, pancake-y hair. Noah's haircare range is really new to the UK so it isn't super easily available yet, but I've had such a good experience with their products that I just know it will get picked up by some great distributors soon. Keep your eyes peeled for their haircare, because it is oh so worth trying!

Color Wow One Minute Transformation* | rrp £16.50

If you're not really "into" haircare, or if you're looking to buy someone a present that's going to really impress them, then I'd highly recommend Color Wow's One Minute Transformation. It's one of those products that really does-it-all, and if you're into quick and simple beauty routines then this is definitely a haircare product for you. It's a medium-thickness cream that you apply to dry hair - this makes it perfect for re-touching second, or even third-day hair. I like to apply it mainly to the lengths and ends of my hair, before using whatever's left to smooth down the hair at the crown of my head. It does almost everything that I want from a hair styling product - it smoothes, de-frizzes and adds a subtle hold which helps your hair style to last that bit longer. The only thing it doesn't do is add volume (which is why I've also been using Noah's Volumizing Spray) but apart from that it really does everything that I could want it to and it's the only thing I've needed to reach for on a day-to-day basis - it's even rendered hairspray unnecessary! At £16.50 - and stocked on the shelves of Space NK - it isn't a super-affordable product. However, it's multi-tasking nature, and the fact that a tube could easily last several months even with daily usage, makes the price tag entirely justifiable. I'm absolutely and entirely impressed with Color Wow's One Minute Transformation styling cream and it's become an unshakable staple in my daily styling routine.

Have you tried either of these brands before?
What haircare products do you use?

May 18, 2015

MyChelle Giveaway: Win up to £50 Worth of MyChelle Skincare

MyChelle is a natural and cruelty free beauty brand that provides effective skincare products for a whole range of different skin concerns. Founded in 2000, MyChelle have become a leading natural beauty brand with products that offer powerful and visible results. I've tried some of MyChelle's skincare range for myself and I've been really impressed, so it's with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to bring you this international beauty giveaway.

MyChelle are offering one of my readers the chance to win up to £50 worth of MyChelle skincare (from MyChelle's UK Website) - and the best part, you get to pick the products that you want to win!

To enter, please follow the instructions in the rafflecopter form below. This competition is international and is open to anyone who reads my blog or loves natural and cruelty free skincare - it will close on June 15th. However, you must be following MyChelle on at least one social media platform (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) to be eligible to win. For a better chance of winning follow MyChelle - and One Little Vice - on different social media platforms. I've made it as easy as possible to follow MyChelle or One Little Vice - just follow the instructions in the giveaway form below.

If you'd like to take a look at some of MyChelle's different skincare ranges - so you can pick which products (up to £50 value) you'd like to win - then I've included some handy links below. Get browsing and let me know in a comment which are the products (any from MyChelle's UK Website) that you'd like to try out for yourself!

MyChelle's "Hero" Products

May 17, 2015

L'Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick in Mon Jules (430)

one little vice beauty blog: drugstore matte berry lipstick comfortable to wear
one little vice beauty blog: drugstore matte berry lipstick comfortable to wear

Last month I shared L'Oreal's Color Riche Matte Lipstick in the shade Cliche' Mania and since then I've been trying out a new colour - Mon Jules (430). It reminds me a lot of Mac's Rebel as it's a similar deep berry shade, but L'Oreal's Color Riche Matte Lipsticks have a slightly thinner texture than Mac's Satin Lipstick formula. Although the Color Riche Lipsticks are matte they're a really fantastic matte formulation that's really comfortable on the lips and they don't feel dry or uncomfortable to wear. My favourite way to apply them is to smudge them into my lips for a sort of lip-stained look, I find that this helps them last really well and it also makes it a lot easier to wear more dramatic shades. When they're applied as a stain rather than a full-on lipstick you don't have to worry so much about your lipstick bleeding or transferring. But I do have to admit that if you can be bothered with all the effort of applying Mon Jules properly then you get a stunning final look.

one little vice beauty blog: affordable drugstore matte lipstick review

Although Mon Jules would make a gorgeous lipstick shade for the autumn or winter months I do still think that it's highly wearable year round. Shades like this can be smudged out to make them more wearable or built-up to add drama, and this sort of berry shade is going to be incredibly flattering on a whole host of skintones. Personally, I'm smitten - I think that it's a lovely choice and I'm really happy that I have it in my collection.

Have you tried any of L'Oreal's Color Riche Matte Lipsticks?
What do you think of the shade Mon Jules?

May 16, 2015

Murad Blemish Clearing Solution and Spot Treatment Review

one little vice beauty blog: gentle effective spot treatment and skin treatment

If you're anything like me then from time to time - especially during that particular time of the month - you'll struggle with the occasional breakout. Although, blemishes aren't the end of the world it's always nice to have a tried and tested game-plan that helps get your skin back to normal as soon as humanly possible. I've spent the last six weeks trying out two of Murad's Blemish Control range - the Blemish Clearing Solution and Blemish Spot Treatment - and today I'm going to share my thoughts on the pair.

Murad Blemish Clearing Solution* | rrp £34.00

The only product I've tried that I feel as though Murad's Clearing Solution compares to is La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo. The Clearing Solution is a non-comedogenic serum that significantly reduces the redness associated with blemishes whilst simultaneously working to calm inflammation and heal the skin. It contains salicylic acid and Queen of Meadow extract which help to clear pores from excess sebum (one cause of blemishes) as well as blemish-causing bacteria. The Clearing Solution also contains tea tree to help prevent future breakouts and a blend of vitamins to help soothe and nourish stressed skin. Unlike many other "acne" or "anti-blemish" products that I've tried in the past, I found Murad's Bemish Clearing Serum incredibly gentle on my skin and I had no issues with irritation. It was particularly helpful with those pesky - and painful - under-the-skin spots, as well as helping to gently clear up the sort of skin congestion that results in bumpy, uneven skin. I didn't find that it made a massive or instant improvement to the appearance of angrier individual blemishes, but it did help my overall complexion and over time it did improve the look and feel of my congested areas of skin. I think I prefer this Blemish Clearing Solution to any drugstore option that I've ever tried, and it definitely feels more gentle on my skin than La Roche Posay's Duo - but I'm not entirely convinced that it's worth the price. But I think I would opt for Murad's Blemish Clearing Solution over other products if I had serious and on-going issues with congestion and under-the-skin spots and wanted a gentle but reliable product to use daily.

Murad Blemish Spot Treatment* | rrp £19.00

My thoughts on Murad's Blemish Spot Treatment are very similar to those about the Blemish Clearing Solution. This Spot Treatment is much more gentle on my skin that I had expected and it didn't irritate my skin or dry it out like many other spot treatments have done in the past. It doesn't leave your skin with a dry patch and it's going to be suitable for many people with sensitive skin. Murad's Blemish Spot Treatment contains sulphur, which is supposed help if applied to the skin as soon as you feel a spot coming on. It also contains antioxidants from the inclusion of Vitamins C and E, and these help protect and restore skin's health, and it also contains Liquorice which helps calms redness and irritation. I didn't find that the Spot Treatment irradicated blemishes immediately but it does have some very good uses. It's good for preventing spots from forming, as soon as you feel a blemish forming you can apply the treatment and it really helps reduce the changes of a spot forming. It's also very good at fading the redness of a blemish, which significantly improves the appearance of your skin. Overall, I don't think that this will be everyone's dream treatment but I'm really glad to have it to hand and it's something that I'd probably keep in my handbag to use as and when I needed it.

I'm a really big fan of Murad's skincare and although the Blemish range isn't my favourite I do really think that these products both have great strengths. If you have any more questions about my experience of using them then please do ask them in comments - and leave me your email address or twitter handle so I can reply! Have you tried any Murad skincare yet?