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February 25, 2015

How to Stop Dating Someone

one little vice beauty blog: how to stop seeing someone

This year I started properly “dating” for the first time. When I say this, what I mean is that I’ve started going on lots of first dates with new people – many of whom I find myself not wanting to see for a second time. 

Hey! It happens. You find a potential boyfriend/girlfriend candidate who really wows you on paper, but then when you meet in person you just don’t get those butterflies. Or, maybe you end up going on a couple of dates but then start to find yourself not looking forward to seeing the person again. In either of these scenarios I would seriously advise stopping the dating-train. Honestly, hop off, ASAP!

Life is way too short to endure the company of a relative stranger. It doesn’t matter how bored or lonely you might think you are, it isn’t worth it. Plus, at the end of the day, you’re not only wasting your time but you’re wasting the time of a perfectly decent person who by no fault of their own just isn’t "doing it” for you.

It is at this point that I’m going to give you the most salient piece of dating advice that I’ve ever received: when you reject the person you’re dating it is important for their sake that you’re kind, but for your sake it’s also really important that you’re honest.

If you’re an ambitious young person – or if you’re not quite there yet, but have ever hope of growing into ambition – then many times in you’re lifetime you’re going to find yourself in the position where you have to put yourself first. You will find yourself in charge of rejecting people, as part of both your personal life and your professional life. You will have to turn down social events, friendships, relationships and, one day, you may even be in charge of firing someone.

Learning to manage this element of life is incredibly important and it is also divisive. There is a stark difference between those who can communicate a rejection honestly without offending and those who rely on excuses and lies.

When it comes to dating (or the end of any relationship more generally) I have learnt first hand that managing the end with dignity and maturity can completely revolutionize the experience of a rejection or break-up. However, more importantly, it also sets you up with good patterns of behavior that will make so many future life experiences easier and less stressful.

Instead of saying that you’re no-longer interested in a relationship (when you actually really very much are), why not tell the person that you’re seeing that you acknowledge their virtues but that you just don’t see “a romantic future” with them. I tried out this approach with a boy with whom I’d been on two dates and he replied with an equally polite and mature response. We left things entirely drama-free, but more importantly entirely guilt-free because there were no un-truths involved.

So, to go back to the title of this piece, the best way to stop dating someone is to tell them kindly and honestly that you want to stop dating them. Be brave and approach things head on. It will get easier every single time and then one day “being brave” will feel exactly the same as being yourself.

One Little Vice

February 24, 2015

Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant Review

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Organic Skincare Kosmea Exfoliater

This year I've really upped my skincare game, but one product that I always struggle to find is a good facial exfoliater that'll work on my sensitive combination skin. However, I started using Kosmea's Daily Facial Exfoliant* at the beginning of the month and it has seriously, seriously impressed me. It's completely different from the manual exfoliaters that I've used in the past as it doesn't contain any large or harsh exfoliating particles. Kosmea's Daily Facial Exfoliant has a medium-thick, creamy texture (see image below) and is packed full of crushed camomile followers and very finely ground rose hips which very gently exfoliate your skin. I find that it does leave my skin feeling smoother and softer, but most importantly it isn't left looking red or feeling tight and dry.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Organic Skincare Exfoliater Kosmea

It's very comfortable to massage the product into your skin and it's thick enough to be able to sit on the skin without slipping off and creating a mess. Indeed, on the packaging it indicates that you can also use Kosmea's Daily Facial Exfoliant as a face mask by massaging it into your skin before leaving it on your skin for about five minutes. As this exfoliater contains kaolin and rice flower (which both draw out skin impurities to improve skin clarity) I can see this being a great option for oily or blemished skin. 

Kosmea is definitely a luxury brand and their Daily Facial Exfoliant isn't "cheap". However, the high quality ingredients speak for themselves and I've found it a wonderful addition to my routine as I have a  difficult skin-type that many exfoliating products don't cater towards. I think that it would work really well for those who have combination, oily or sensitive skin, and if you'd like to try it for yourself then you can find it on MyPure where it's currently on offer (along with free delivery and many free gifts with purchases over £30).

Which exfoliating product(s) are you currently using?

February 23, 2015

Attending London Fashion Week as a Non-Fashionista

One little Vice beauty blog: blogger at London Fashion Week 15 Felder Felder

Last Friday, I was given the incredible opportunity to attend Felder Felder’s London Fashion Week show by a brand called Nailberry – whose nail polishes where being used in the show. Personally, I found it simultaneously wonderful and nerve wracking!

I’ve never considered myself “fashionable”. As a teenager, I grew up passing through one awkward stage to another – the photographs make me cringe. At university my tastes definitely developed and matured, but to this day I am still not what you might call trendy.

I’m not usually unconfident about my style, and certainly on a day-to-day basis I like how I dress. However, when you’re suddenly invited to an event that is entirely fashion-oriented, that is connected with the very creation of the trends from which I feel disconnected, well, that is when I start feel less than confident!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Felder Felder 2015 Fashion Week Blogger

But you know what – it was all okay in the end, more than okay even. When I met up with my friend Charlie and headed towards the venue I just decided to enjoy myself. It isn’t always so simple, but sometimes excitement can just entirely override nerves. Rather than feeling intimated, I came to enjoy the sight of all the weird and wonderful outfits that people were wearing. It was a fascinating insight into a world that I generally tip-toe around.

The show itself was a fantastic insight into the “fashion world”. First off, it was great to see the venue and the layout – and then came the incredible clothes, the beautiful models and the realization that fashion week is an incredibly complex and creative enterprise. The energy was contagious, and I left the show positively buzzing.

I’m not a fashion blogger, or even a fashion-oriented person, but I can and do appreciate the energy I felt last Friday. It was a real privilege to attend the show and the whole experience really inspired me – and I’d like to think that this is the real point behind any and all creative endeavours.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Felder Felder LFW 15 A/W

This episode has taught to seize opportunities even when at first glance they appear a little bit scary. I could never have predicted how much I would enjoy myself at London Fashion Week, and to think I might have denied myself that because I was worrying about what I would wear! Lesson learnt - life’s just too short for nonsense like that.

One Little Vice

February 22, 2015

My Haircare Reshuffle

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Air Motion Brush, Lush Brazziliant Shampoo Bar, Umberto Giannini Princess Perfect Styling Spray Review

As a self-proclaimed beauty fanatic I often find myself shaking up my beauty routines so that I can try out new products. This is partly so that I can review them for all of you but more-so because I'm on the hunt for the best-of-the-best and I'm just very happy that I can share my findings with you. Earlier this week I wrote about the new makeup I've been trying out this month and I thought I'd follow up by talking about the new haircare products I've been trying out this month.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Affordable, great quality hair brush

Air Motion Hairbrush - RRP £11.95*

I've been using the same brand of hairbrush for nearly two years now, so when Air Motion very kindly asked if I'd like to try out one of their brushes I very gladly accepted. In the past, I've spotted Air Motion brushes on some of my favourite beauty blogs with very positive reviews and I've now had the opportunity to see why! They're really ergonomically designed, the handle is the perfect length and has a curve that fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. The plastic bristles come in three lengths so they comb through all of your hair easily but they're also flexible enough not to pull or tug. To my understanding, the Air Motion Hairbrush is the perfect crossover between a "classic" brush and the new wave of rubber and plastic brushes that work on damp and dry hair alike. Overall, I think that it's a great hairbrush that's very much worth it's price tag. I'll be keeping mine on my little dressing table (it isn't a real dressing table, rather a space I've adopted for all my prettier beauty bits) where it will be close to hand!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: orange scented shampoo

Lush Brazziliant Shampoo Bar - RRP £5.75

This was an unintentional Lush purchase. But if you like sweet, orange scents then you might just as easily have been talked into purchasing this shampoo bar! It's actually my first insight into Lush's shampoo bars and so far I'm really enjoying Brazziliant. I absolutely love the orange fragrance, and I find that it really lasts quite well in my hair which is fantastic. However, I wouldn't say that it's perfect or that I'd rush out to repurchase it. I find it impossible to open the tin with wet hands, so that is a regular struggle! And at one point my tin got saturated with water and my shampoo bar is far, far less attractive than before I started using it (which was when I took the photo above). Looks aside, I do find that it leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy but it is quite moisturising for a shampoo, and even the day after I shampoo my hair is looking slightly on the greasier side. If you wash your hair everyday then this isn't an issue but it is definitely something to consider! Overall, I'd say that for me this shampoo bar is good but not great - I don't know if anything will live up to Lush's now discontinued Gentle Lentil Shampoo which will forever haunt me as the nicest Lush shampoo everrrr.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: hair styling product for long lasting defined curls
Umberto Giannini are a really interesting brand as you may be able to find them in the aisles of Boots but their products look and feel far more luxurious. I had the privilege of being gifted quite a few of their products at events last year and I've slowly been trying them out one by one. They first successfully wooed me with their incredible Backcomb in a Bottle (which I mentioned in this postand it still is the best volumising aerosol product that I've ever tried. The Princess Purrfect Hot Styler Spray was named in honour of Kate Middleton who really is famed for having perpetually perfect tresses. The product claims to "hold like a hairspray, smooth like a serum and protect against heat damage" and I can certainly vouch that it lives up to the first two claims, but I do actually use an additional heat protectant (but that's just down to personal preference, and habit). I actually started using this Hot Styler Spray by accident, when I wrongly understood it to be straight forward hairspray. I was curling my hair, which I often do, and I was spraying this incredibly liberally across my curls. Not only did even this over-ambitious application not weigh down my hair, I think it actually made them look incredible! They were shiny and smooth, and amazingly - almost unbelievably - they lasted perfectly all day. I was seriously, seriously impressed, and I haven't stopped reaching for it ever since. Long live Princess Purrfect! I most certainly will be reaching for this whenever I want long lasting hold and glossy, frizz-free hair - oh wait, that's everyday. If you're a heat styling addict you might just want to try this out, I for one really, really like it. 

Have you tried any of these products? 
What haircare or hair styling products do you love?

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